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a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous

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In conclusion, glomus tumors are lesions arising from the arteriovenous anastomosis in the dermis [1].
reported the results of a prospective study on 50 patients in which they performed the ligation of venous perforating vessels right after the arteriovenous anastomosis.
Each vascular anastomosis is labeled as AV-DR, AV-RD, AA, or VV (for example, AV-DR represented an arteriovenous anastomosis from donor to recipient); the naviaator records this information as per Figure 1.
As the arteriovenous anastomosis has a complex geometry, blood flow with relatively high Reynolds characteristics can be found causing turbulent flow and there are regions of high WSS along the venous wall, with significant flow separation and swirling zones (Lee, 2007).
Venous malformations are caused by a disturbance in the late stages of angiogenesis (Trunal stage) and result in the persistence of arteriovenous anastomosis present during embryonic life.