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sclerosis of the arterioles

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These patients have unique clinical profiles and disease-associated genetic risk factors, as well as extrahippocampal TDP-43 pathology and brain arteriolosclerosis.
Large blood pressure variability aggravates arteriolosclerosis and cortical sclerotic changes in the kidney in hypertensive rats.
An association between global parkinsonian score and arteriolosclerosis was no longer statistically significant after accounting for infarcts, the investigators noted.
Presence of symmetrical and asymmetrical arterial flow and symptoms of labored perfusion against the background of peripheral vasoconstriction and arteriolosclerosis was recorded as 17.
The research was published by the American Heart Association's Arteriolosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.
A renal biospy specimen obtained 10 days after disease onset showed acute tubular necrosis with mild-grade arteriolosclerosis (Figure).
In the summer of 1968, after collapsing from overwork and stress, complicated by arteriolosclerosis in his upper legs, he traveled to the Soviet Union for treatment.
They include: vascular dementia (a term that encompasses dementia caused by blockages in the flow of blood to cells in the brain caused by a major stroke or a series of small, imperceptible strokes, or by small vessel disease); arteriolosclerosis (a condition in which small cerebral vessels supplying the brain's white matter--communications networks among brain cells--become gradually impaired through factors such as high blood pressure, inflammation, thickening and narrowing of the blood vessels, or inadequate blood flow); and cerebral amyloid angiopathy (a condition characterized by the accumulation of deposits of amyloid protein in cerebral blood vessels, causing blood vessel narrowing and heightening the risk of stroke).
Mad cow disease, cancer, arteriolosclerosis, mercury poisoning in fish, etc.
One glomerulus showed severe hyaline arteriolosclerosis with significant loss of the cellular element and matrix deposition.
People with higher arterial calcium levels are more likely to develop arteriolosclerosis, stroke and other heart ailments later in life than those with normal levels.
Arteriolosclerosis was also scored based on degree of narrowing using the same parameters as arteries (Figure I, D through F).