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one of the small thin-walled arteries that end in capillaries

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The subendothelial layer of the intima in arteries and arterioles contains a sheetlike layer or lamella of fenestrated elastic material called the internal elastic membrane.
As the measurements were dependent upon the number of vessels selected, Knudtson and colleagues (13) developed a revised formula based on the six largest arterioles and venules passing through the measurement zone (see Figure 2).
Angiotensin II causes vasoconstriction, including of the afferent arterioles, increasing glomerular hypertension and damage.
Amphotericin B may cause renal impairment by two mechanisms: binding to tubular epithelial cells causing cell swelling and lysis, ultimately resulting in tubular dysfunction, and activating vasoconstrictive prostaglandins in the afferent arteriole.
They are attached to the outer walls of the terminal hepatic arterioles and lie in the hemal spaces, where they are bathed in blood; they remove foreign particles from the blood as it circulates through the digestive gland.
Inflammation is now recognized as a primary component of PAH disease, which can lead to obstructed arterioles, vasoconstriction, and worsening cardiac function," said David Cory, President and Chief Executive Officer at Eiger.
Elsewhere in the same kidney, smaller glomeruli can also be seen; their genesis may be related to the damaged arterioles feeding the glomerulus.
Ocular manifestations of chronic essential hypertension include focal constriction and dilatation of the retinal arterioles, "nipping" of the veins by overlying arterioles (Figure 1), an increase in the arteriolar light reflex, tortuosity of the retinal vessels, and loss of transparency of the intra-arterial blood column.
This parameter was measured using a pressurized myograph procedure on arteriole biopsy samples obtained from a sub-group of 49 patients receiving treatment (27 were on olmesartan and 22 were on atenolol) and from 11 normotensive control subjects.
On the basis of postmortem examinations, patients with TTP have characteristic hyaline arteriole and capillary lesions characterized by a damaged endothelium, platelet remnants, little to no fibrinogen or fibrin, the presence of vWF, and no associated perivascular inflammation.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- A brilliantly hued, highly detailed photograph of a healthy arteriole in the eye, an image used in training new researchers specializing in ophthalmic diseases, has won First Prize in the first annual Olympus BioScapes(TM) International Digital Imaging Competition.
An afferent arteriole was sampled that showed subendothelial and intramural dense deposits and loss of the structural integrity of the media.
This process triggers arteriole dilation, increasing blood flow.
On the other hand, no arteriole showed any cuff of infiltrated mononucleate cells.
9) Due to the relative high pressure kon the arterial side of the circulation, this blood mixture contains a relatively greater proportion of blood from the arteriole side of the capillary bed than from the venule side; and, thus, a "capillary-blood" sample obtained by skin puncture approximates closer to arterial blood than venous blood.