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roentgenographic examination of arteries

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The role of intra-arterial digital subtraction arteriography in visceral angiography.
These indexes suggested that African American men experienced a 31 percent deficit and African American women a 22 percent deficit in arteriography, and a 50 percent deficit in CABG, relative to whites.
This suggests the need of CT scan, MRI scan and arteriography and embolization facility in Outpatient Department and gadgets like nasal endoscopes, HD cameras, Microdebriders to Operation theatres in all district headquarters hospitals to improve the quality of service to the patients.
Today, coronary CTA reconstructions have dropped from 50 minutes to 10 minutes; CTA runoff and neurovascular arteriography raw data manipulation have dropped from 30 minutes to 10 minutes--thanks largely to automatic vessel tracing capabilities and a far more robust bone-removal software algorithm, which in turn have resulted in far more rapid turnaround from exam completion to presentation to the radiologist.
These patients were monitored with duplex ultrasound, arteriography and subjective assessment in terms of wound healing and relief of pain.
The patient's blood pressure has been controlled; he is now on hemodialysis; and coronary arteriography is being considered.
KEY WORDS: Pregnancy, Cerebellar infarction, Antiaggregant therapy, Cerebral arteriography.
Given these findings an arteriography was performed confirming pseudoaneurysm of the right anterior hepatic artery.
In a case similar to ours, Bakhos et al performed arteriography with selective embolization of a cavernous hemangioma of the nasal cavity that was in close contact with the middle turbinate.
Chicago -- Physical examination of the multidislocated knee is inadequate for determining the need for arteriography, according to a University of Michigan study.
Suspected vasculogenic disease can be evaluated via Doppler ultrasound, or occasionally pudendal arteriography for patients who are being considered for vascular surgery.
CAD was defined by a narrowing of at least 70% of the left anterior descending, left circumflex, or right coronary arteries, or narrowing of at least 50% of the left main coronary artery, as determined by arteriography.
Moreover, he says that CT scanning is safer than the commonly used arteriography, in which X-rays are taken of vessels that have been injected with an X-ray opaque dye.