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roentgenographic examination of arteries

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Arteriographic detection of renovascular disease in potential renal donors: incidence and effect on donor surgery.
For 3D reconstructive CT arteriographic images, the quantitative analysis tools in syngo.
Myocardial infarction in young Indian patients: risk factors and coronary arteriographic profile.
21 It can also influence the arteriographic reports and endovascular interventions.
Primary congenital anomalies of the coronary arteries: a coronary arteriographic study in Western Turkey.
Myocardial infarction under age 40: Risk factors and coronary arteriographic findings.
Arteriographic findings in EDTA chelation therapy on peripheral arteriosclerosis.
The criteria for diagnosing TA defined by the American College of Rheumatology[9] included six items: (i) age of onset younger than 40 years; (ii) claudication of extremities; (iii) decreased pulsation of one or both brachial arteries; (iv) difference of at least 10 mmHg systolic pressure between arms; (v) bruits over one or both subclavian arteries or the abdominal aorta; (vi) arteriographic narrowing or occlusion of the entire aorta, its primary branches, or large arteries in the proximal upper or lower extremities not caused by arteriosclerosis, fibromuscular dysplasia, or other causes.
Coronary arteriographic profile in young and old Indian patients with ischemic heart disease: a comparative study.
The treatment is endoscopic or arteriographic, and resection is performed in only 5% of cases when control of bleeding has not been achieved by other first-line modalities.
Johnston, KW, Demorais D, Colapinto RE Difficulty in assessing the severity of aorto-iliac disease by clinical and arteriographic methods.
The surgical choice is related to Shamblin classification (20-21), made in 1971 and based up the degree of involvement of the carotid vessels in carotid body tumors, as appear with arteriographic or MRI study.
Similarly, the sweat function test (8) and arteriographic pattern (9) were also practiced for assessing autonomic impairment but proved cumbersome to be used at the field level.
Recent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of arteriographic embolisation or ultrasound-guided thrombin injection3 for temporary and definitive control of bleeding from pseudoaneurysms associated with chronic pancreatitis.