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According to a senior official, the maintenance works on the arterial road between Majaz 2 and Majaz 3 will be completed by November 28.
Summary: Traffic on the Dibba-Masafi Road came to a standstill on Saturday due to the heavy downpour which caused rocks from the nearby hills to fall on the arterial road.
The survey results come as Moorpark city staffers are recommending the planned bypass be built as a four-lane arterial road - an issue that is slated for discussion at a joint meeting of the council and Planning Commission next week.
Central location to number of neighborhoods and easily accessible off of arterial road.
Project Summary: The project will protect long-term agricultural uses, reducing flood risks to an existing arterial road and adjacent farmland.
Well established hardware store on a major arterial road in Miami-Dade County.
This project provides for a systematic full-service, and coordinated revitalization of the primary and arterial road infrastructure to ensure viability of the primary transportation network, and enhance safety and ease of use for all users.
With regard to development of non- motorised vehicle ( NMV) lanes on six arterial roads of Delhi, the court directed the city government to place on record the pictures and maps of areas where such lanes are actually located.
The Hernandez administration has announced plans for this year of the construction and maintenance of several arterial roads throughout Honduras, and the construction of a dam at Tablon, said the government on Jan.
If it were feasible it would limit surface disruption during building and would keep heavy goods vehicles from our already busy arterial roads.
Dr Rossa Brugha, a pollution researcher at Queen Mary University of London, has found that by making small adjustments to avoid busy arterial roads, people can reduce the levels of pollution they experience by half.
Councillors should come and see the effect of traffic on the eastern relief road, Hinckley Road and the Longshoot which have become main arterial roads to get to the A5 and motorways.
The roads around the stadium are only half finished, traffic is gridlocked 24-7 and when we were there all the arterial roads were blocked off by police.