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On the other hand, in a subsequent study in which QC was tested in our model of high-pressure arterial bleeding (6 mm femoral arteriotomy), it failed to provide hemostasis or improve survival rate, and was essentially no better than AFB.
The effect of external counterpressure on arterial bleeding.
RECOTHROM should not be used for the treatment of massive or brisk arterial bleeding or in patients with known hypersensitivity to RECOTHROM, any components of RECOTHROM or hamster proteins.
HemCon's proprietary technologies provide cost-effective hemostatic solutions to treat low to heavy arterial bleeding, while also providing antibacterial properties.
It's the economic policies, further enriching the richest at the expense of the poorest, and the catastrophic wars New Labour has led us into that have resulted in the arterial bleeding of a once-greaand principled party.
3) The need for a rapidly deployable military tourniquet has been articulated for half a century, and recently it has been recommended that top priority be given to the development of an improved tourniquet capable of reliably stopping arterial bleeding, as well as rapid self-application with one hand.
These items were essential in providing emergency medical support and stabilization of the victim's arterial bleeding.
The article continues, "When Soldiers do get hurt, there's Combat Gauze -- an inexpensive, lightweight, effective way to stop arterial bleeding.
Application of QuikClot Combat Gauze shows 100% success in achieving hemostasis in swine with arterial bleeding in extreme physiologic conditions often associated with military combat, trauma, and law enforcement related injuries.
In hospital, it was discovered Angelo had suffered 17 stab wounds and a wound to the left side of his head which caused bad arterial bleeding.
ChitoGauze is a next-generation, z-folded hemostatic chitosan dressing, designed for battlefield and acute care use and is proven effective on severe, arterial bleeding.
Army to stop severe, arterial bleeding - the leading cause of death on the battlefield.
Do not take niacin unless under your healthcare provider's supervision if you have heart disease (particularly, recurrent chest pain or recent heart attack), gallbladder disease, gout, arterial bleeding, glaucoma, diabetes, impaired liver function, stomach ulcers, or are pregnant or lactating.
The delivery instrument is easily attached to the PerClot(TM) bellows dispenser and enables hemostat delivery under direct vision to the wound site for the control of capillary, venous and arterial bleeding.