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of or relating to artifacts


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In order to assess the sociality of routine practices surrounding food production and consumption, archaeobotanical data, alongside other bioarchaeological datasets, need to be integrated with these artefactual analyses.
However, documentation of surveillance as AS occurred after the gradual adoption of this strategy, and thus any attempt to associate these figures with RP outcomes would have produced an artefactual result.
They are defined by small clusters of tumor cells without vascular cores lying within lacunae formed by artefactual retraction of the stroma, resembling dilated vascular channels.
Any defect found is likely to be unreliable and possibly artefactual
We examined the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of our 54 samples of the dural sac, beginning with observation of the dural laminar structures in some detail, in order to ascertain whether the laminae had been damaged during the preparation process, creating artefactual intradural spaces.
Values may not rise early enough, they may not rise in all occasions or they may rise due to other factors such as other concurrent disease, transient response to treatment or artefactual results due to testing limitations such as haemolysis, sample quality or delayed testing.
1) Natural language (speech or signing) evolved to enhance the success of social interactions between instinctively cooperative humans through communication within the local social group, rather than as a support for individual thought or communication with strangers; artefactual languages (e.
Or perhaps she is pushing the thematic umbrella to a conceptual edge--maybe, because those small dimples that are those stars are actually bumpy artefactual things raised above the surface and not merely flattened images, Mortimer is giving us stars that have fallen down like raindrops.
The lack of correlation seen here with worsening, and elsewhere with improvement, may be artefactual in part, but probably not totally.
The overalls, Langer suggests, served as a kind of artefactual metonymy: they stood in as a kind of surrogate.
Despite a cultural tradition of sharing rather than owning artefactual knowledge, much contemporary mainstream Aboriginal cultural knowledge stems from exposure to the physical artefacts, anthropological studies and images residing in museums.
Hill's criteria, which are widely recognized as a basis for inferring causality, are used to determine whether an association (risk) found in epidemiologic studies is real or artefactual, and whether the association is secondary to a real (factual) cause, i.
The prosperity of the region in that period in terms of both polity and culture is unquestionable in the light of consistent discoveries of epigraphic and artefactual remains here from time to time.