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someone who teaches art

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He raised many art teachers who held his torch and continued the mission of their inspiring teacher.
Art teacher Mo Coade with some of her work which is on display at the Baltic Centre in Gateshead
The National Gallery was able to buy the work thanks to Marcia Lay - an art teacher who taught at Lordswood Girls School, Harborne, for more than 20 years.
LAY OUT THE WELCOME MAT The new year is starting and it's time to welcome not only your students, but to also extend a welcome to new art teachers in your district.
While math, science and language arts are vital elements of the elementary and secondary-school curriculum, art education is equally crucial and should not be regarded as expendable or a luxury," said Chanda, a former classroom art teacher in Los Angeles.
Bridesmaids star O'Dowd said of Amy: "She plays a very funny art teacher and she's terrific and then we've got Bressie, we wanted somebody with a lot of bravado - and he has that.
Walter Hartright, a handsome art teacher, is assailed by The Woman in White on a London road at midnight, and she pleads with him for his help to prevent her from being taken to an asylum.
Manjunath (Al Khor International School art teacher), Prahaladan (Art teacher, Bhavans Public School), Santhosh, Sageer, (Both Art teachers, MES Indian School), Henry Joseph and Surendranath (Art teachers at DMIS), Shaji Chelad (Scholars International School), Mahesh BP (Qatar Museums Authority, freelancer), Smita Aloni and Vasu Vanimal (freelance artists), Amritha and Haimvati (teachers at Al Khor International School), Pooja P Jayan (Student, Ideal Indian School), and George (Art teacher, MES Indian School).
A union representative for Ms Raven said she had been told she could apply for a part-time post as an art teacher after her dismissal, but when she applied she was not appointed.
Harrow head Barnaby Lenon said: "Joanna Salley is a long-standing and successful art teacher at Harrow who has in the past been a model.
The project was student directed under the supervision of the two art teachers.
Many teachers have the attitude that art inspired instructional methods are a waste of time, or that the job of "art" should be left up to the art teacher.
A TOP amateur golfer and retired art teacher has died.
A BEWDLEY art teacher teamed up with talented schoolchildren to launch a new exhibition.
This is a woman who's long given up on lesson plans and encouraging bromides--that is, until the arrival of the new art teacher Sheba Hart (Cate Blanchett), a blond beauty who sticks out at the cold, gray institution like a sidewalk flower.