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It was at this point that Wiliford started talking seriously with pianist Steven Philcox, who teaches collaborative piano on the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto, sharing his feelings about Canadian art song and his ideas about founding an organization to help spark renewed interest in existing repertoire and commission new works.
Carter's struggles with the aesthetic of the art song are therefore exemplary in raising acutely the problem of the relation between ends and means: of the fit, or lack thereof, between the impression the music seeks to make and the technical devices on which the music relies.
A leading soprano like Renee Fleming, who consistently programs art songs and searches out different composers, has a dramatic influence on singers in conservatories and universities around the country.
More broadly, changes in contemporary poetry that followed World War I, changes such as the move away from regular rhyming and metric patterns, likely also contributed to the declining numbers of art songs written in the 1920s.
The result is a mix of opera, jazz, music theatre and art song.
MacNaughton admires singers who maintain the beauty of their voices at an age where other performers choose to stop singing;"I want to be singing well when I've turned 60, to work on my voice so I can still perform Bach, art song, guitar songs and operatic roles in the same season.
The annual Art Song Series features singers in the vocal studies program.
My copy of Carol Kimball's Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature is quite possibly the most tattered book on my bookshelf.
They will competing for the Song Prize, awarded to the best singer of Lieder and art song, in the Dora Stoutzker concert hall at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.
Pedagogical guides to art song have traditionally granted the song cycle cursory space, leaving those curious to know more to sort through narrowly focused studies of Individual cycles.
4: Trying to Put the Things Together that Never Been Together Before' [to be released May 1st ] - a masterpiece of lyrical precision and extraordinary musical depth, with arrangements that effortlessly span Randy Newman -style art song, Mose Allison -inflected jazz and Brill Building pop.
They also have the option of entering the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Song Prize in recitals of Lieder and Art Song at the New Theatre, Cardiff, with the final at St David's Hall.
presents an encyclopedia of Spanish art song composers that contains biographies of 93 composers and traces the development of Spanish art song through discussion and analysis of their songs and texts.
Sholto has such a breadth of high-level performance experience and has worked with a number of renowned singers on art song performance, especially during the annual Oxford Lieder Festival, which he runs.
A live recording session with Colombian soprano Patricia Caicedo, an international concert and recording artist and leading interpreter of the Latin American and Spanish art song.