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a work of art of some artistic value

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There is little doubt that statues, monuments and other art objects in public spaces are much more visible but that does not necessarily mean that their creative or aesthetic content is any more available to the viewer than the sculpture on a plinth or the video installation in an art gallery or museum.
The catalogue has become the actual art object, which has in turn been dematerialized.
This is because architects see the status and generous budgets of cultural buildings as calling for the design of art objects, typically stand alone (even when connected to or extensions of other buildings) and sculpturally expressive iconic buildings.
Being in the presence of an art object holds numerous possibilities for increased understanding.
Contract notice: Transport of various art object from different lenders to the great national exhibition "the council of constance
Friedman's empty fetishes, though, are juxtaposed with his 1992-97 piece 1,000 Hours of Staring, a square piece of white paper whose status as an art object rests with the artist's claim that he stared at the thing off and on for a thousand hours.
The focus of the contributors is not solely or fundamentally on the art object but on the social groups and cultural practices contributory to the making and celebrating of the object.
While Bramberger would simplify the square with his grid of paving, replacing the accumulated detritus of curbs, broken surfaces and street furniture with a tempting tabula rasa, Zinganel proposed that the money for the art object be put into a bank.
The middle galleries deal more directly with the idea that artistic manipulation itself can be the true art object.
Any thought of ennobling it as an art object would have been thought of as bad taste for a young democracy taking great pains to learn new ways.
As the art object was disappearing, Fischer introduced a new set of commercial practices, which included flying in the artists instead of the art.
The San Francisco Center for the Book is a non-profit dedicated to exploring and encouraging contemporary interpretations of the book as an art object, as well as preserving the traditional art of book-making.
WHERE: Art Object Gallery (592 North 5th Street in downtown San
Born in Rahway, New Jersey, in 1941, Richard Tuttle is among the first generation of artists who took as a given the revolutionary transformations of the art object proposed by Minimalism.
The dematerialization of the art object never happened; or rather, it has been infinitely less important than defamiliarization.