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the academic discipline that studies the development of painting and sculpture

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Thomas hopes that her book, The Painter's Practice in Renaissance Tuscany, may redirect future study: "it limits our view" of fifteenth-century art history, she writes, "to consider only the great artists" of the period.
They will hang gallery-style in the artroom as an art history reference for all the classes and a source of pride and achievement for the student artists.
ART HISTORY AS A CHOICE CENTER: Books and museum calendars, certainly, but videos are even more effective.
With this influence from Western European practices in mind, the conference will look at how art history is practiced, studied and developed, particularly where such narratives have only recently been developed.
A recent, well-publicised episode that has swiftly passed into art-world and academic folklore is Barack Obama's swipe at art history during a speech made in January 2014.
In addition, the Jabre gift will create endowments for an exhibition fund, and a visiting lecturer series drawing on international authorities in art history and curatorial practice.
Synopsis: "Painting Now" by Suzanne Hudson (Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Southern California) is an international survey exploring the many ways in which painting has been re-approached, re-imagined, and challenged by today's artists.
She was also suggesting that art history may be unable to break its ties to classical aesthetics and therefore cannot participate in what she called the "common sense" of abstraction and other modern real-isms.
Washington, Feb 19 ( ANI ): US President Barack Obama recently sent a handwritten letter to an art history professor at the University of Texas, apologizing for his comments on people holding a degree in art history.
in art history and a master's degree in art history from the University of Chicago, a master's in business administration from Adelphi University, and a bachelor's degree in art history from the University of California, Davis.
Dickerson, an art writer and former art historian at the American Academy of Art, presents a guide to art history in the form of a series of accessible questions.
Compiled and written by art historian Madelynn Dickerson, "The Handy Art History Answer Book" is a superbly illustrated, 288 page compendium that provides succinct, informed and informative descriptions of art styles and major artists.
Dubai Art enthusiasts would term it a directory, but Shumon Basar, director of the Global Art Forum at the recent Art Dubai fair, called it the "missing link" in the art history of the country.
This paper explores the feasibility and efficacy of incorporating an interactive, discussion-based instructional approach into an undergraduate art history survey course and investigates effects of the new pedagogic strategy on students' demonstrated comprehension and retention of required content.
Mrazek, for example, compares television and art history as similar 'ways of seeing' that both undermine the meaning and value of Javanese wayang (puppet theatre).