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the academic department responsible for teaching art and art appreciation

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The stunning work of pupils in the school's art department will be placed on display for public viewing at its Hamala premises between 7.
All queries regarding creativity and design issues should be directed towards our new Art Department Head, Mr Justin Bradford.
Shortly after their initial conversation, the Library Director contacted the chair of the Art Department to determine interest in developing a partnership to create a student art competition.
Nick Douwma aka Sub Focus has been enticed into playing a set in the Rainbow Warehouse on April 28 as have Art Department and Plastician among other acts.
Before Kate takes her turn on the decks, though, Canadian duo Art Department will arrive at the club.
Ronnie Lane was an inspirational head of a thriving art department.
The Art-O-Mat will cost LCC's art department $3,500 for installation; the gallery then gets $1.
The work was then displayed in the art department and went on sale for pounds 5 a piece.
In addition, the deadlines for a bunch of other publications the company put out were coming due as well and we were going to have to jockey for layout time with the art department.
What has happened instead, with the art department fully on-board, is the development of a three-stream certificate program designed in part to help the arts-intensive students gain skills that will allow them to become self-employed artists or successful employees in the field.
Just create an art work on the blank cover at right, and send it in for judging by the Jack and Jill, Children's Better Health Institute art department.
If your art department has a slab roller, your teacher can use that to prepare the clay.
Three California State University, Channel Islands, student artists and Art Department chairman Jack Reilly will join other artists in donating ``heart art'' to benefit hospice services in Ventura County.
Aztec designed the space for a call center, library, art department, samples/production area, editorial department, customer interaction and conference center, and a cafe which seats 80.
The catalog of an exhibit mounted by the Tate for London, Philadelphia and Minneapolis in 2002, the work is presented first in explanatory essays by Andrew Wilton of the Tale and Tim Barringer of Yale's Art Department.