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a dealer in works of art requiring esthetic evaluation

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Salander, who was sentenced to six years in the clink for grand larceny in 2010, traded "Pirate II" to another art dealer named Joseph Carroll.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- San Francisco art dealer Mayer Flaks has had led a creative life for as long as he was able to express himself.
Following World War II, he settled permanently in Montreal, Canada where he became one of the country's most important art dealers and collectors.
Millionaire fraudster Lord The fake Lowry work that Lord Maurice Taylor, 62, conned an art dealer into buying Maurice Taylor, aged 62, was jailed for three years, in March, 2009, after being convicted of six counts of fraud at Knutsford Crown Court.
A jury was sworn in at Manchester Crown Court yesterday in the trial of Casey Miller, 23, of Constable Walk, Denton, Manchester, who is accused of robbing a collection of LS Lowry paintings from the home of an art dealer.
The Shepherd, by Edward Arthur Walton, was returned to Britain after an art dealer found it in a small town on the east coast of the US.
This art dealer should have looked at the certificate," Shim said.
Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane tells of Hugh Lane, who began his career in the arts as an apprentice painting restorer, became a London art dealer, and eventually amassed a collection of art which led to Ireland's most famous public art collections.
Helen's father is a somewhat disreputable art dealer who has been dealing with shady characters and has now disappeared.
The case began in August 1999,when Baer was approached by an art dealer named Bob Clay.
The dad of two was found dead along with Swiss art dealer Manfred Schoeni, German property developer Anton Faustenhauser and a Filipino maid.
Because in Newcastle's Fairs Cup years Benny became an art dealer - and we his customers.
Amid the misspelled musings and bad poetry of tortured souls, gay blogs range from witty accounts of New York City life by gay art dealer Choire Sicha (www.