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a class in which you learn to draw or paint

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Registration is not required for the fair except for the Water Street Studios art class.
Target describes its Art Class, Class of 2017 guest designers as "a group of super-talented (and stylish) kids, bursting with creativity.
The art class, however, ensures that discovery and independent investigation remain a part of the school experience.
The atmosphere at the art class at St Kentigern Hospice is far from sedate.
EXPOSED: Lisa prepares to become a nude life model at Holly's art class
FINISHING TOUCH Two-year-old Nyahleh Soyei takes part in a contemporary art class at Baltic in Gateshead.
5) Sculptured heads sit on a shelf in an art class at CSUCI.
The Edublog Midterm Questionnaire was designed to determine student use and perceived value of the edublog site, as well as provide the researchers with a formative evaluation of the edublog at the midterm of the studio art class.
I wrote a while back regarding a nightmare of an art class that my 11-year-old son had to endure, where the assignment was to draw "meat.
A Teesside art class has put its work up for sale to help orphans in Africa.
Gideon Ben Tovim, chairman of Central Liverpool PCT, said: ``The art class is therapeutic and members can develop a talent they may not have known they had.
A note about our poster: Ania Lisa Etienne created her poster as an eighth-grade student in Valerie Louzanis's art class at Mark Twain Intermediate School 239 in Brooklyn, New York.
It all started when she took an after-school art class with her friends.
An introductory art class was held Sunday, October 19, 2008 and classes begin on Thursday, October 30, 2008.
My art class contemporaries would laugh at my efforts at portraits