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Synonyms for arsonist



Synonyms for arsonist

a criminal who illegally sets fire to property

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The student said that they heard a loud bang before the fire broke out, signalling that the arsonists must have used a petrol bomb.
The arsonist threw something at a front window of the home, which caused fire damage to the outside of the property.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is an arsonist.
He calls the serial arsonist an artist and goes about planning and implementing the arson plan like an artist.
The Irish Independent (July 8) reported that the arsonist was given an 18-month jail sentence.
Police are now hunting the arsonist, and revealed they are also investigating a blaze started d e l i b e r at e ly at n e a r by Kirkheaton Cricket Club.
Club chairman Alan Westwater said: "We were determined not to let the arsonist win.
Deputy Chief Chris Logan of the Los Angeles Fire Department said the arsonist or arsonists were especially gutsy and brazen because while firefighters were battling two fires, three more were set.
The jurisdiction would be responsible for ensuring the national registry has appropriate records of a local arsonist's name, social security number, local addresses, palm and finger prints, photograph and physical description, license plate number and a copy of any identification card issued by the jurisdiction to the arsonist (such as a driver's license).
Arnold Schwarzenegger today spoke of the arsonists who set killer brushfire blazes in California: "We will hunt down the people that are responsible for that.
A few days later the arsonist struck a second time.
Fire investigation officers never consider the stakes higher than when a firefighter faces death at the hands of an arsonist.
SPRINGFIELD - Eight months have passed since the arsonist set his first fire in an outbuilding on West E Street.
And what if some of these individuals colluded together and actually hired and equipped arsonist teams to carry out these diabolical plans?
SEVERAL families were rescued yesterday when an arsonist set fire to a block of seaside flats.