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a white powdered poisonous trioxide of arsenic

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Arsenic has been long known to cause cancer in humans (24,25) and has been correlated convincingly with cancers of the skin, lungs, liver, kidney, and urinary bladder (7,26,27).
CCA is used worldwide for wood preservation, and it contains varying percentages of mixtures of arsenic pentoxide, chromium trioxide, and cupric oxide.
Is the human carcinogen arsenic carcinogenic to laboratory animals?
Arsenic carcinogenesis in animals and in humans: mechanistic, experimental, and epidemiological evidence.
We are now enrolling patients with advanced myeloma in a phase I/II trial at doses of ZIO-101 much higher than we could safely achieve with arsenic trioxide," said James Berenson, M.
Under a sponsored research agreement with Texas A&M University, several other organic arsenic compounds have been identified as potential preclinical candidates.
Methylation of arsenic involves a two-electron reduction of pentavalent [e.
This report describes the speciation of MMA(III) in addition to the usual arsenic species in human urine, As(III), As(V), MMA(V), and DMA(V).
Stock solutions (1,000 mg As/L) of these arsenicals were prepared by dissolving appropriate amounts of the corresponding arsenic compounds in 0.
They normally drank water from wells containing 510-660 [micro]g/L of arsenic (44).
Samples were thawed at room temperature and an aliquot was analyzed for arsenic species using HPLC separation with hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HGAFS) detection.
The certified value for total arsenic concentration is 480 [+ or -] 100 lag/L in two bottles containing elevated levels of toxic metals.
Separation of arsenic using HPLC with HGAFS detection.
An arsenic hollow cathode lamp was used for fluorescence excitation.
The speciation of these four usual arsenic compounds in urine is complete in 4 min (Figure 2A).