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a pesticide or drug containing arsenic

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After WWII Monsanto and others entered the DDT market as it rapidly replaced the older organic arsenicals.
Comparative phytotoxicity among four arsenical herbicides.
Near Eastern alloying and some textural evidence for the early use of arsenical copper.
ZIO-101 is a proprietary small molecule organic arsenical licensed from The University of Texas M.
The environmental and public health risks associated with arsenical use in animal feeds.
1960; 1968) or the Sirets (1887), can be used to evaluate the presence of true bronzes, but not for differentiating between copper and arsenical copper or for studying trace elements.
I am optimistic about ZIO-101 as a potential new treatment option for our myeloma patients since much higher doses of this new arsenical can be safely administered compared to other older arsenic-based agent," commented James Berenson M.
Conventional producers are not obligated to report arsenical drug use on package labels, and the "antibiotic-free" label does not preclude the use of arsenic-based drugs from a regulatory standpoint.
Abstract 5163: "In vitro activity of a novel organic arsenical (S-dimethylarsino-glutathione, ZIO-101) against multiple myeloma," by Lawrence Boise, Ph.
Tenders are invited for Copper Pipe Seamless Arsenical Fully Annealed 16Mm Ods X 2Mm Thick 14Swg To Is:2501/1995, Material To Is:191 Grade Dpa/1980
Until recently, chicken producers would routinely supplement poultry feed with a growth-promoting arsenical drug called roxarsone, which also treats intestinal parasites in the birds and gives their meat an appealing pink color.
The ability to safely administer substantially higher doses of a potent arsenical may offer opportunities for wider therapeutic use, not only within the family of blood cancers, but in solid tumors as well.
Glucose was a commonly reported end point but findings were inconsistent across studies, which may stem from differences in the biological compartment assessed (urine, serum, plasma, whole blood) and fasting status of the animal (fasted, nonfasted, fasting status not reported) in addition to the differences in experimental design noted above related to arsenical tested, species, route of administration, and dose levels (Aguilar et al.
7 micron-long gold blebs associated with arsenical pyrite and arsenopyrite that occur as overgrowths on corroded, earlier sulfides.