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a pesticide or drug containing arsenic

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Symptoms of arsenical toxicity may develop insidiously after 6 months to 2 years or more depending on the amount of water intake and the arsenic concentration in the water sample.
Workers in certain industries that produce or utilize arsenic, especially if recommended/regulated safety procedures are not followed, such as in the smelting industry, the manufacture or application of arsenical pesticides, coal boiler maintenance, and the semiconductor industry
Drinking water may be contaminated with arsenic from arsenical pesticide, natural mineral deposits or improperly disposed arsenical chemicals.
In a preliminary study in West Bengal, 96,000 people, including children, were examined in seven of the nine affected districts; 10,000 had been registered with arsenical skin lesions.
TABLE Differential diagnosis of punctate keratoses of the hands and feet Acquired keratoses Classic clinical Associations description Arsenical Round, verrucous, or Angiosarcoma of the acuminate keratotic liver, nonmelanoma papules most common skin cancer, on palms and soles.
Interpretation of the results, however, may be complicated by the presence of other arsenicals in the algae, including unknown compounds.
It is critical to note that although the USDA Organic certification program explicitly prohibits the use of arsenic-based pharmaceuticals in animal production (USDA 2016b), the label "no antibiotics added" only restricts the use of antibiotics and does not specifically prohibit arsenical antimicrobials (USDA 2015).
Similar reports are scarce, except for a study by Centeno who emphasized that arsenical keratosis is a common characteristic of arseniasis in a study of pathology relating to chronic arsenic exposure (15).
A new method of treating refractory arsenical gold concentrates has been proposed which avoids the costly conventional steps of pressure leaching or roasting.
Withdrawal of approval of new animal drug applications for combination drug medicated feeds containing an arsenical drug.
5 Mm Thickness Arsenical Seamless Fully Annealed Copper Pipe To Is:2501 Material To Is:191 Grade Dpa Fully Annealed.
Our patient came from an endemic area where levels of arsenic are high in drinking water and had features of arsenical keratosis for past fifteen years along with metastatic testicular cancer at the time of presentation.
Chronic arsenical dermatoses from tubewell water in West Bengal during 1983-87.
PHOTO : (foreground), arsenical bag filter, scrubbing tower, acid mist precipitator.
Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, presented the abstract (# 2840) titled "the Novel Organic Arsenical, Darinaparsin (ZIO-101), Induces Apoptosis through AKT and MEK/ERK Pathways in Hodgkin's Lymphoma and T-Cell Lymphoma Cell Lines.