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a white powdered poisonous trioxide of arsenic

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Percentage of ATSDR MRL is computed as arsenic exposure (in [micro]g As/kg of body weight per day) due to a particular food or beverage divided by the ATSDR MRL for inorganic arsenic of 0.
We are trying to reveal the mechanisms that link arsenic exposure and cardiovascular disease," says first author Jieying Jiang.
The early alchemists subsequently extracted from the sulphides a third compound, arsenic trioxide, the deadly white powder that is still most typically associated with murder mystery assassins.
In November 2011, Consumer Reports released its study of arsenic and lead in apple and grape juice.
Numerous studies have shown the health effects associated with arsenic in drinking water both within and outside the US.
White rice grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas generally had higher levels of total arsenic and inorganic arsenic than rice samples from elsewhere (India, Thailand and California combined)," Consumer Reports said.
Relationships between areas where the rice had been grown and levels of arsenic were also discovered by the researchers with white rice grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas, containing higher levels than rice samples from other parts of the country.
The epidemiological study was part of an ongoing project to measure the health consequences of arsenic exposure in Bangladesh.
Dieticians at both institutions have begun to specify poultry raised by local farmers without arsenic compounds when they purchase for their hospitals' needs.
Younger sediments are enriched with organic matter and, under certain biogeochemical conditions, arsenic from soil gets released into the groundwater," explained Shah, who has published his findings in the scientific journal Current Science.
The arsenic content of the tubewells used by the subjects in South Porabari was not detectable.
Health effects from chronic arsenic exposure include skin and internal cancers, cardiovascular disease, and possibly diabetes.
On the other hand, the regulations for the release of arsenic to the environment are becoming more stringent with increasing public awareness of the toxicity of arsenic and better understanding of its impact on the environment.
Chronic arsenic toxicity (arsenicosis) due to drinking of arsenic contaminated ground water is a major environmental health hazard throughout the world including India.
The most common oxidation state for arsenic is -3 (arsenide), +3 (arsenates (III) or arsenites, and most organoarsenic compounds) and +5 (arsentate (V) : the most stable inorganic arsenic oxy-compound.