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a salt or ester of arsenic acid

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Market Analysis III-44 Outlook III-44 Australia III-44 China III-44 Overview III-44 Table 27: Chinese Wood Preservative Chemicals Market (2013) - Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by End-Use Sector (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-45 Historic Perspective III-45 Table 28: Chinese Wood Preservative Chemicals Market (2003): Percentage Breakdown of Production Volume by Preservative-Creosote, Chromated Copper Arsenate, Ammoniacal Copper Arsenate, Pentachlorophenol and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-46 Rising Demand for Outdoor Wooden Furniture: Opportunities for Wood Preservation Market III-46 Exploring New Technologies III-46 Challenges Facing Wood Preservatives Market III-47 An Overview of the Construction Industry III-47 B.
The IEC of the selected sample AECFs-6 (Table 1) in the arsenate form by indirect determination was found to be 1.
Elias suspected that Halomonas somehow fishes out the tiny bits of phosphate available from a sea of arsenate.
The claim, since disproved, raised another question: How do organisms living with arsenate pick and choose the right substance?
abstract) Science show how the bacterium, identified as GFAJ-1, is able to grow at low phosphate concentrations even in the presence of high concentrations of arsenate.
The concentrations of arsenate in these aliquots were then measured by an atomic adsorption spectrophotometer coupled with hydride generator (AAS-HG) unit (Model GBC-932B and HG3000; GBC Scientific Equipment, Australia).
Fourteen stains were tested in the laboratory to compare water uptake and leaching reduction of wood treated with chromated copper arsenate, alkaline copper quat, and copper azole.
3-man wooden showers, 4-seater latrines with dizzy flies that drop dead over lead arsenate bait, burning-out crappers, one wringer washing machine for 140 troops .
RESULTS: In the mouse assay, we compared bioavailabilities of As in soils with that for sodium arsenate.
They're still finding canisters of DDT (which was banned in 1972) and lead arsenate (which fell out of favor when DDT came on the scene in 1948) dating back more than 50 years.
There's been a lot of hype around the news of GFAJ-1, the microbe claimed to substitute arsenate for phosphate in its DNA," wrote scientist Alex Bradley on blog We Beasties, which is maintained by graduate students studying microbes at Harvard University.
The mechanisms proposed include the tolerance of higher plants to arsenate through down regulated arsenate/ phosphate transporters in the epidermis and root hairs (Meharg and Macnair, 1992), to reduce the uptake of As, and upregulated low affinity of phosphate transporters located in the membrane fraction of mycorrhizal roots (Harrison et al.
This flue dust is mostly consumed in the production of chromate copper arsenate (CCA) as wood preservative.
Wolman AG has a new wood preservative for above-ground decking, fences and residential projects that is fully organic and contains no metals, replacing chromium and copper arsenate.