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a maker of arrows

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Arrowsmith is a precision component manufacturer and its latest US contract is to manufacture a production part for aeroplane engines that fly millions of miles every year.
She ran really well for David but she didn't really like being in a big yard; she'd got set in her ways, so she came back to Name Ken Arrowsmith Age 63 Horses Taws (plus Duke Of Bronte as head of syndicate) Best moment Second to Oriental Fox in Queen Alexandra Stakes at Royal Ascot in 2015 Mr Rod, who has always really looked after us.
St Edmund Arrowsmith, which is under the trusteeship of the Archdiocese of Liverpool, is described as a Catholic school "first and foremost" on its website.
On the contrary, Arrowsmith and his colleagues are unapologetic about making applicants earn and retain their accreditation.
Our degreasing and high precision cleaning services at MDF now handle a wide range of components including castings, stamped parts and press work," continues Chris Arrowsmith, "alongside a deburring capability that can accommodate an extensive number of component sizes and materials.
Arrowsmith had been warned to expect up to five years in prison.
Dale Aaron Fowler, 21, of Wychcroft Way, Newcastle, and John Thomas Arrowsmith, 39, of Wychcroft Way, Newcastle, were both charged with GBH.
They were taken by Mr Arrowsmith, who grew up in Mold, at the end of a photographic shoot for The Wings' Speed of Sound album in 1976 and then during the 1993 session for McCartney's solo album Off The Ground.
Arrowsmith, who grew up in Mancot, in Flintshire, North Wales, invited friend and fellow photographer Jeff Vickers to see the pictures following a recent lunch.
Mrs Arrowsmith, aged 72 and from Hoar Cross, Staffordshire, who is herself a trainer, told a newspaper: "I am renowned for adjudicating without fear or favour.
Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1990, Arrowsmith & Grant designs, manufactures, and services medical refrigeration systems including cool and freezer rooms.
We took a deep dive into talent, headcount and capabilities and came up with a strategy, developing new litigation policies and procedures on matters like holds, discovery, reserving and the biggest piece: outside counsel management," explains Arrowsmith.
Because LFG operates in a highly regulated space, Arrowsmith and his team-regularly interact with IT, discussing legal and compliance matters.
Kevin Arrowsmith, 49, started out as a car mechanic but then followed in his father's footsteps by joining the company in 1986.
Rachel Knight, prosecuting at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, said care worker Danielle Roberts had been in a relationship with Richard Arrowsmith, 27, before the incident on October 13.