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(of a leaf shape) like an arrow head without flaring base lobes

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There is a marbled leaf variety called Marmoratum, which is very attractive and an excellent ground cover for this time of year - arrow-shaped leaves with creamy white veins.
The protruding, arrow-shaped ribs mechanically lock the lining to the Arrow-Lock Mastic.
That includes the extreme proportions, as well as the powerfully arrow-shaped front end that works as a large aerodynamic wing and the interplay between razor- sharp lines and precise surfaces.
The curvy design of its prececessors has been ditched for a more arrow-shaped body that brings out the sportiness of the new car.
6% (768-1139 MHz) by using a square branch at the ground corner with arrow-shaped slot.
In [14], a quasi-Yagi antenna with arrow-shaped dipoles is proposed with the operating frequency from 490 to 798MHz and gain between 3.
The work's base is a room-filling arrow-shaped stage, its mirrored, lightbulb-ringed floor insinuating the tawdry and burlesque.
The arrow-shaped windows provide excellent natural light below deck, and the two V12 engines use innovative silencing systems.
Nearby, blacksmith Jack Mullin was perfecting an arrow-shaped iron object, banging it on an anvil, heating it, then banging the creation once more.
Above Trader Ming's Mandarin Orange Chicken, the retailer hung an arrow-shaped sign that displayed the price and read "A TJ's Best & Tastiest Seller.
It is a good looking car with sleek, but aggressive lines even in estate form dominated by the arrow-shaped grille and alloy wheels.
It is a good-looking car, with sleek but aggressive lines, even in estate form, dominated by the arrow-shaped grille and alloy wheels.
Standard actuators include arrow-shaped and cross-shaped slots.
The codes are located on the inside of arrow-shaped triangles found at the bottom of plastic container, the authority noted.
The fascinating clouds, including arrow-shaped ones, that result from the atmospheric waves can cause intense precipitation - sometimes more than 20 times Titan's average seasonal rainfall - and could be essential in shaping Titan's surface by erosion.