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Synonyms for arrogation

the act of taking something for oneself

Synonyms for arrogation

seizure by the government

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64) In the early days of OHADA, national supreme courts were known to hear such cases, but this arrogation of power in violation of the treaty is reportedly now less frequent.
How movements evolve, attempt to navigate between micro and macro scales and avoid arrogation, is thus becoming an increasingly relevant avenue of research (Smith, 2011).
Meanwhile, the South African minister said her country is keen on expanding cooperation with Iran in diverse areas including agriculture, technology and arrogation.
Revealing strong beliefs in trickle down academic economics, the chair urged that being listed first was not an act of arrogation but of generosity, a matter of increasing market value.
Boyarin writes, "Zionism is thus a subversion of rabbinic Judaism and it is no wonder that until World War II Zionism was a secular movement to which very few religious Jews adhered, seeing it as a human arrogation of a work that only God should or could perform.
In this respect, it is this rebellion, this presumptuous arrogation of autonomy that may well account for the shocking image of the terrible fish in the poem's concluding line.
Inferentially, the narrator also can be seen to take upon his person, in the most responsive, empathic way he can manage, the presumptive being of the other, while narrowly evading the imperfect translation of that arrogation into the textual and imagistic equivalents that count as representation in the novel (the photographic plate in this analogy is receptive but as yet unmarked).
The second aspect which would crucially contribute to the regional institutions role strengthening would be the supplementary competences arrogation to the regional level.
in conduct--involves an arrogation of freedom beyond the law's
When they [the Brotherhood] reached power, they wasted rights of the citizens, who only found in the Brotherhood's rule oppression and arrogation," said the chief judge.
It is but a short distance to the potential political implications of such a dynamic, wherein an imitation of the sublime--bringing about enough "extasy" and "breathlessness" in the subjects, and thus their openness to the experience of overwhelming psychological force--could be enlisted in the service of those seeking the arrogation and legitimation of sociopolitical power.
163) In an opinion dissenting from the denial of rehearing en banc, Judge Moore expressed dismay over the court's arrogation of power over the PTO:
It holds as blasphemous the arrogation of all authority by an earthly power.
For years, Salafi scholars had argued that political participation and democracy were forms of polytheism that were rooted in modern man's arrogation of God's unique power as legislator.
Katherine Minola is, above all, a woman with a tongue, an attribute that signals her arrogation of patriarchal privilege to herself--making her threatening but also sexy, if only she would learn the correct use of her tongue (that is, to comply with the order, "Kiss me, Kate," and only secondarily to deliver a long speech supporting patriarchy, which is presented at a version of the same thing).