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His prejudiced verbal Scouserphobic bile attacking Liverpool not only desecrates graves and causes untold pain for victims' relatives, it also scoffs arrogantly at the official Taylor inquiry.
From serious-minded concerns and recommendations concerning North Korea's nuclear threat--Chasing the Sun was published shortly before North Korea declared itself a nuclear power, yet its warnings about how best to deal with North Korea remain entirely relevant--to exhorting that the sleeping giant of China cannot be managed, controlled, or "contained" but can and should be influenced, to observing the poor attitude today's younger East Asian generation has toward America as a nation perceived to arrogantly ignore the ideas, preferences, and plans of others, Chasing the Sun gives an accurate and no-nonsense look at what exactly the current political situation is, and what America should do about it.
You can see it from the embankment, particularly at night when, lit up inside the gallery, the aristocrats of ancient Rome stare arrogantly out from the past into the present and future.
In this case, the Bush administration has arrogantly insisted that the "Commander-in-Chief' power of the president permits him to set aside both the constitutional requirement for search warrants and the provisions of a law passed in 1978 permitting a special court to issue national security warrants retroactively for certain kinds of surveillance.
We arrogantly determined that discounted cash flow didn't make any sense in valuing a company in this new world.
Emboldened by recent electoral victories, Religious Right groups arrogantly proclaim the right to meddle in the most personal and intimate matters of our lives.
When the forensic and other evidence prove to be insufficient to charge or prove the guilt of the perpetrator, the killer and his lawyer arrogantly make to leave police custody But Cain stands in front of him and holds up to his face a picture.
The assumption of power by an unchecked Executive, who arrogantly believes that he can seize the authority to spy on innocent Americans and wantonly violate the Fourth Amendment, is the beginning of the tyranny Madison so feared.
I think that Prince Charles has behaved arrogantly and I have no doubt that, although the powers that be say Camilla may never be Queen, they are just trying to put one over on us.
Only in Luke does Pilate find Jesus innocent, but he crucifies him under pressure, acting arrogantly as a representative of Roman power.
I do not accept I acted arrogantly in doing so and I would hope that people would check the facts before making such statements to the media.
Among other things, our cover story on conservation medicine is a primer on the consequences of our horrendous relationship with the other animals on this planet, from the ones we crowd together, feed to one another, shoot up with drugs and then eat to those in the wild that we arrogantly displace through reckless actions and unchecked population growth.
But Dressler, the SS commander with whom Klaus locks horns, made my stomach lurch every time he appeared on the scene: "Dressler's extended arm lowered as it pointed an invitation through the large door, like some black vulture arrogantly inviting his prey to dinner.
The people of Los Angeles need to remember that, in this case, they are the employers of City Hall, even though the officials mostly act like Marie Antoinette, arrogantly turning up their noses at the lowly masses.
So I don't go around the world arrogantly thinking I'm an all-knowing being.