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At this Mary burst out laughing, and all her arrogance was dissipated.
The simplicity and arrogance and hardness of her youth, now concentrated into a single spark as it was by her love of him, puzzled Terence; being engaged had not that effect on him; the world was different, but not in that way; he still wanted the things he had always wanted, and in particular he wanted the companionship of other people more than ever perhaps.
Minchin said that he disliked Lydgate's knowledge, or his disposition to improve treatment: what they disliked was his arrogance, which nobody felt to be altogether deniable.
He saw few animals and no men, until he finally came to the belief that he had fallen upon that fabled area of ancient Barsoom which lay under the curse of her olden gods--the once rich and fertile country whose people in their pride and arrogance had denied the deities, and whose punishment had been extermination.
The newcomer was a man of about forty-five or fifty; tall, handsome, black-mustached and with the haughty arrogance of pride most often seen upon the faces of those who have been raised by unmerited favor to positions of power and affluence.
From the first the Russian had exhibited every trait of his true character--selfishness, boorishness, arrogance, cowardice, and lust.
He spoke with childish arrogance strangely at variance with the subservient position he occupied beneath the veranda.
They remained in a circle about him and his fire, displaying an arrogance of possession that shook his courage born of the morning light.
The girl thought the arrogance and granite-heartedness of the magnate of the play was very accurately drawn.
And there was importance in his step and arrogance in his speech.
She might, not unreasonably, have supposed herself beneath the reach of any arrogance, or bad humour; but it happened that the lady and daughter were both out of temper that day, and the poor girl came in for her share of their revilings.
His speeches are outbursts of incredible arrogance, equally powerful and bombastic.
Extraordinary, stiff-backed, thin figure all in black, the observed of all, while walking hand-in-hand with the girl; apparently shy, but--and here Fyne came very near showing something like insight--probably nursing under a diffident manner a considerable amount of secret arrogance.
There's nothing more subservient than an arrogant man when his arrogance has once been broken in some particular instance.
I was not really angry: I felt for him all the time, and longed to be reconciled; but I determined he should make the first advances, or at least show some signs of an humble and contrite spirit first; for, if I began, it would only minister to his self-conceit, increase his arrogance, and quite destroy the lesson I wanted to give him.