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the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to arrive at a given destination

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Elsdon Arrival time 11:02 Once in the village, the race will turn right and right again onto the C186 and head south to the C186/C187 junction where it will turn left and head southeast towards Harwood and the B6342.
The external bubble would firstly impact the module wall, the arrival time of debris cloud AE signal is mainly related to the external bubble.
In a recent guide on Makani sent by the municipality, Makani is shown to cut arrival times of ambulances, taxis and delivery vehicles by 20 to 50 per cent.
gt; The timetable on a specific bus route after a specific time -- text the letter (D), followed by a space and the numbers of the bus stop and the route along with the required bus arrival time, to the number 5223 (provided the time format shall be 24 hours).
There is plenty of literature on predicting arrival time published in the past decade.
In addition, they found that the arrival time of the messages coming from each ear were different.
A gravitational wave passing by the pulsar would warp spacetime, altering the arrival time of the pulsar's radio waves ever so slightly.
A MILLION West Midlands passengers can now get upto-date bus arrival times on their mobile phones through a new hi-tech service.
The purpose of this study was to determine (a) the stroke warning signs that most commonly result in the decision to seek hospital care, (b) who makes the decision to seek hospital care, (c) the most common mode of transportation to the hospital, (d) hospital arrival time in relation to the onset of the first warning sign, and (e) factors most associated with hospital arrival time for stroke survivors.
Although explicit formulae for summing up the rays with the same arrival time to form a single integral can be derived for the case of a plate because the reflection coefficients at the top surface and bottom surface are the same (3,12), similar formulae are not easily derived for the present case of a layer on a substrate.
One of the reasons could well have been that the arrival time at JFK was 14.
A SYSTEM which will give bus users accurate, up to date information on the arrival time of buses could be operating by mid April.
Those who listen long enough may even hear a flight arrival time.
With updated TomTom App for iPhone and iPad, drivers can share their destination and arrival time on Twitter.
The arrival time at the Peter Pan School is between 7:45 am and 7:50 am.