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a restraint that slows airplanes as they land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier

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The spark arrestors are full stainless steel design and are certified to stringent international Atex standards.
WITT flashback arrestors for use with ethylene, provide reliable protection of single cylinders, outlet points (hoses and any equipment) or pipelines against dangerous gas back feeding and flashbacks meeting BAM and TUV certification.
About the only place I still use the two loops splice is on both sides of inline lightning arrestors and between it and the grounding rod, since they need to be replaced from time to time.
With Power over Ethernet capability and internal lightning arrestor, expensive feedlines and external lightning arrestors can be eliminated, reducing system cost and signal-loss.
Tenders are invited for 42 Kv Out Door Type Surge Arrestor Disconnector Assembly For Track Side 25 Kv Sure Arrestors Of Class-3 Type Tested.
Off-road vehicles traveling through the forest and any equipment with internal combustion engines should have spark arrestors that are in good condition.
This reduces weight and bulk at the back of the torch produced by add-on flash arrestors and helps protect the operator from injury.
The color brochure highlights silicone materials that have been developed for a wide range of applications, including station post insulators, transformer bushings, switches, surge arrestors, circuit breakers and instrument transformer housings.
surge arrestors is expected to have a distinct positive impact an both
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Lightening Arrestors
In an article published in the October issue titled "Using Composite Wrap Crack Arrestors Saves Money on Pipeline Conversion" it was incorrectly stated that B31.
The product is still used today, allowing utilities to improve the electrical performance of porcelain arrestors without replacing them.
Cooper Power Systems manufactures distribution transformers, distribution switchgear, reclosers, capacitors, protective relays, voltage regulators, automated switches, cable accessories, surge arrestors, transformer components and dielectric fluids, fuses and tools and it provides engineering services for the electrical and industrial markets.
Tenders are invited for Design, Manufacture, Testing and Supply of 96 kV, 10 kA Heavy duty Metal Oxide Lightening Arrestors, Polymeric type with discharge class -2 and 60kV 10A Normal duty Metal Oxide Lightening Arrestors, Polymeric type with discharge class -2 with discharge counter required to the substation of Shivamogga Transmission circle
PETRONET saved several million dollars by using Clock Spring[R] Crack Arrestors to avoid pipe replacement in converting a liquids pipeline to natural gas service in South Africa.