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In another entry, everything was blackened out except the 13-digit arrest number, the date and time of the arrest, the booking type, and the arresting officer.
You can say you are targeting criminals that have returned, but in the process you are also catching and arresting other immigrants.
Yet the police and the Americans are arresting and beating journalists.
Supreme Court addressed the constitutionality of arresting a group of companions when the officer has reason to believe that at least one or more is involved in criminal activity but does not have information to identify with certainty who may be the culprit.
Their attacks on arresting officers are less significant as "opposition" to the reformation of manners campaign than as evidence of the real power that it possessed.
President Bush must make arresting Karadzic a priority.
After arresting Graham, agents learned that he was living at a house on the 5500 block of Oso Avenue in Woodland Hills, a quiet residential neighborhood.
Arresting a person in public is one thing, entering his home to arrest him is quite another.
Arresting juvenile offenders was less a means of introducing them into the criminal justice system for punishment or rehabilitation, than of satisfying aggrieved citizens and of officially reprimanding disorderly youth.
The legal excuses often give way to the realreasons for not arresting.
They swarmed in, arresting six other women and a man posing as a chiropractor on prostitution-related charges.
In the past 2 years, the Missouri State Highway Patrol conducted 822 saturation patrol operations, arresting 1,666 drivers for DUI.
The commission found that the department failed to turn over documents showing that the arresting officer, Sgt.
Long before the DA's office issued the arrest warrants, the department knew that arresting the offenders who participated in 89 separate hand-to-hand narcotic buys would require a multiagency effort.
Capping an 18-month investigation that included secret telephone wire taps and hidden cameras, officers in ``Operation Silent Thunder'' raided 22 homes and businesses in the Antelope Valley and one San Fernando Valley home, arresting 23 people.