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a restraint that slows airplanes as they land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier

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The lightning impulse in the cable will be doubled due to its reflection from the other end near the transformer, therefore, it is normal practice to protect the cable from surges at both ends (by installing surge arresters at cable injection as well as at other end of cable near transformer).
Three metal oxide surge arresters of different rated voltages will be observed.
EWEB employees also disconnected the malfunctioning lightning arrester.
Improvements to the line included the relocation of the arrester pins, which briefly halt the moving pizza bases, so that toppings can be added.
Metro spokesman Phil Bateman said: "Each tram is fitted with a safety device called a surge arrester.
A silicone high-consistency rubber (HCR) is designed specifically for electrical insulators, surge arresters, weather sheds and railway insulators.
Finding failed lightning arresters and failing cutouts presents a challenge for utilities because typically there are no visual signs of failure," states Exacter President John Lauletta.
Wallace said at least 25 percent of riders cited don't have spark arresters on their bikes.
Water hammer arresters cure this condition with a cushion of air that absorbs the momentum.
HV 1650-50 silicone rubber (Type ASTM D 1418 VMQ) is a 50 durometer hydrophobic material designed with low modulus primarily for molding surge arresters.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 33 kv surge arresters and 11 kv station type surge arresters
Violations range from failing to wear the proper safety gear to riding motorcycles without spark arresters in fire-prone areas, Wallace said.
Q I've installed water hammer arresters in the basement water supply lines.