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Synonyms for arrears

Synonyms for arrears

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

a condition of owing something to another

Words related to arrears

the state of being behind in payments

an unpaid overdue debt

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Borrowers are eligible for special forbearance if they have recently experienced an involuntary reduction in income or an increase in living expenses and the lender determines that the borrower has a reasonable ability to pay under the terms of the forbearance plan to eliminate the arrearage.
Recognizing the enormity of child support arrearages and tax liens/judgments, a standard provision in every contract between Peachtree and a client is a clause that requires each client to pay any child support arrearages and/or tax liens/judgments from the proceeds of the transaction.
Additionally, there would be a four-month limit for the payment of only the actual shelter allowance for arrearages of "rental allowance, mortgage arrears, or property tax arrears," he said.
He sends around lists of tenants whose rent is in arrears and they quickly pay up out of embarrassment since the other tenants must make up the arrearages.
45 per year, provided there are no arrearages in minimum quarterly - distributions at the time of such distribution.
Each mortgage loan defaulted, was assigned to HUD, and was given forbearance relief during which interest arrearages accreted without accruing interest on such arrearage.
Rio Vista also indicated in its previous announcement that if the LPG Asset Sale is completed, Rio Vista intends to resume the minimum quarterly distributions to its unitholders and to pay all arrearages.
Some of these accounts have arrearages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it is PGW's intention to vigorously pursue these monies.
Certainly if an owner wants to take it literally and say they never received any notice that there are any arrearages on fees, there should no finding [in court] of an overcharge based on fees," Belkin added.
Arrearages accrued but not paid prior to the cut-off date, as well as advances paid in connection with servicing these mortgages loans prior to the cut-off date, are referred to as pre-existing advanced amounts.
While cooperative corporations are able to obtain a first lien on arrearages through their recognition agreements with lenders, this is the first case that challenged to the Appellate Division level the rights of the lender foreclosing on a condominium unit.
This dividend constitutes payment of all arrearages on the $1.
A recent Dun and Brad-street report on Excelsior Envelope, and examined by REW, shows some arrearages and judgments but misstates that Excelsior owns the building.
provides direct subsidies to customers, forgives arrearages, bears the cost of installing energy conservation and weatherization measures, offers liberal credit arrangements, hires outreach workers, provides counseling and has developed many other innovative and effective programs to assist low-income consumers by putting company money and human resources to work," Karkut said.