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Chelmsford's decision to divide his forces, born of his gross underestimation of Zulu capabilities, had left the camp with arrantly insufficient manpower and artillery.
here was another ready-made vocabulary to be recycled as packaging for an authoritarian populism now deemed essential to hold together a society destabilized by the arrantly unpredictable energies of the ubiquitous Market.
I was stared down for not showing sufficient respect when, in Braunschweig, the chaste ladies arriving at the Wartburg threw their cloaks contemptuously at Elizabeth and, taking their seats, arrantly displayed their thighs.
Exported to the West and generalized to embrace all composers of Russian nationality, regardless of their proximity to the ideology of the "kuchkists," this fuzzily defined and arrantly essentialist criterion of "Russianness" fostered "wholly racialized, totalizing notions of Russian musical difference," according to Taruskin (p.
The panel remains captivating in spite of its slight stiffness, and outdoes by far its coeval, the pseudo-Botticelli, which is largely copied from The Mystic Nativity now in the National Gallery, London, and for all its rich colour impaired by a background of arrantly ill-drawn animals and a perfunctory landscape.