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a legal document calling someone to court to answer an indictment

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Although traffic arraignments typically take only five minutes to process, Metropolitan Courthouse can only get to between 500 and 1,000 of them a month.
Generally, there was no resistance to the change in operations, although several judges did object to videoconferencing in lieu of face-to-face arraignments and chose not to make use of the service.
With arraignments via video-conferencing, more than a typical day's worth of cases can be completed in about two hours.
The DeKalb order is one of several VSI has received in the past year from judicial entities, primarily county or municipal court systems that are using the Omega technology for video hearings or arraignments.
OTCBB: SMRL), a leading provider of software solutions for device rich environments, announced today that it has joined the Polycom ARENA program to provide digital arraignment solutions to local, state and regional governments.
Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said the court is prepared to open two arraignment courts Monday and Tuesday if necessary to handle the anticipated large number of arraignments.
Nasdaq: VSIN) announced today that it has developed a new product line specifically geared to the burgeoning video arraignment market.
0 million per year using the solution for conducting digital arraignments, resulting in the system paying for itself in one to two years.
rather than putting in the extra hours necessary to process an unusually high volume of arraignments.
The system allows jail administrators to dispense with costly, risky prisoner transportation between jails and courthouses for routine arraignments.
By integrating videoconferencing, digital document management, digital signatures and evidence into a unified platform, the solution substantially reduces the time and money associated with transporting prisoners to and from court for arraignments, while significantly improving court security and lowering law enforcement costs.
In a dispute with the District Attorney's Office, three judges quit for the day at normal court hours before holding arraignments for 61 felony suspects - and half of them were set free, including an armed carjacking suspect, officials charged Wednesday.
The judge will be able to observe the defendant's responses, actions and demeanor during arraignments and bond hearings.
Video conferencing eases current financial pressure and allows for unlimited new applications such as video-enabled courtroom appearances for inmates and witnesses, psychiatric evaluations, rehabilitative distance learning, meetings between inmates and legal counsel, remote expert witness testimony, video arraignments and parole board hearings.
The arraignments of three teens charged with murder in the May 2000 stabbing death of Hoover High School senior Raul Aguirre were postponed Wednesday.