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Synonyms for arraign

Synonyms for arraign

to make an accusation against

Words related to arraign

accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy

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Last week, Allan Erazo, 27, of Boston, was arraigned in the beating death of Sires and held without bail.
She was arraigned at the Lane County Jail, where she remained in custody Monday.
He was arraigned Friday on charges including failing to report a death, mutilation of a corpse and identity theft, the AP reported.
Waziri said the executives would be arraigned because 'it is within the law for every Nigerian to seek legal redress against perceived wrong but we want to counsel the Bench not to consider any frivolous interlocutory application from bank debtors at this particular point in time.
Sabell was also arraigned on one count of Using a Computer to Commit a Crime - Child Sexually Abusive Activity, a 20-year felony.
A BRITISH man accused of murdering his American wife and baby at their home in Massachusetts will be arraigned in a US court today.
The five were arraigned in Federal District Court in Manhattan this week on separate indictments alleging hidden payments had been regularly made since 1991 to union officials of Local 14 and Local 15 of the IUOE.
John Telamini, 47, of the 100 block of Madison Avenue, was arraigned yesterday by District Judge Michael Cullen for an incident reported 10:30pm Monday.
on Friday and was not arraigned until the following Monday.
Gulf War veteran John Allen Muhammad, 41, was arraigned on a gun violation at US District Court in Baltimore, Maryland, last night.
President Bush's order specifies that the tribunals "shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to offenses by the [accused] individual" and that those arraigned before them will have no right to appeal to "any court of the United States, or any State thereof Instead, upon completion of a trial, convictions and sentences would be sent to the White House for review "by me or by the Secretary of Defense if so designated by me for this purpose.
Ousted Philippines president Joseph Estrada may face the death penalty after being arraigned yesterday for economic plunder
All three were immediately arraigned at the Los Angeles County Criminal Courts Building (Division 30).
CLINTON -- A second prisoner was arraigned Monday on a murder charge in the beating death of a 72-year-old inmate at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center on the Lancaster-Shirley line, and a third inmate also has been charged with murder.