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a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously

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Starting with some basic theory of the major and minor keys, chords and arpeggios, and cadences, plus the circle of fifths, perfect fourths and perfect fifths, the book continues to present scales, chords, inversions, arpeggios and cadences in all major and minor keys.
Improvise using the dominant 7th arpeggios in the 5th position
The one piece on the disc not penned by Childs is a remake of the English folk song ``Scarborough Faire,'' also Grammy-nominated, in which keyboard arpeggios make way for a lilting harp solo from Robbins.
The second movement was more of repose before the glorious excitement of the finale, with the virtuosity of rapid finger work flying over scales and arpeggios with unbridled passion.
Sanders had also begun with a Coltraneish free-time ballad against a stormy sea of piano arpeggios, bowed bass and splashing cymbals.
Ferried along by his man tra-like guitar arpeggios, the singer (or is that Hoarse-Whisperer) worked his way through his catalogue, lightening the mood between numbers with some wry humour and bizarre observations.
Then came the grandiloquence of the Finale, with the dolours swept aside for the dramatic, uplifting denouement, with its hammered arpeggios.
Exploring the intersection of different rhythmic tempos much in the manner of Reich himself, D*Note sets the rapidly cycling arpeggios of the 1967 "Piano Phase" to a jittery high hat and a trudging breakbeat.
Chandeliers chimed to her arpeggios, chords like prisms hovering brilliante, crescendoing on the Continent and crossing the Atlantic.
Jennifer Paul lavishes on these, and on the whole set, great care and attention, although she cannot always disguise the feebleness of invention (as in La de Boisgelou, with its interminable pedal point, or in the vapid scales and arpeggios of La Semillante).
With this plug-in, any conceivable set of scales and arpeggios can be created, allowing educators to craft exercises for their students in an instant.
Teachers who would welcome a fresh approach to teaching scales and arpeggios will enjoy this book.
Scales and arpeggios go together like peanut butter and jelly, Damon and Pythias, bricks and mortar, Fred and Ginger, green eggs and ham.
Beginning with a guide to reading a full music staff and score and progressing to basic components of theory, including rhythm/time signatures, key signatures, 8th, 16th, 32nd notes and rests, accidentals, intervals, order of sharps and flats, major and minor keys and scales, dynamics and articulation, repeats, tempo, triads, arpeggios, inversions, and seventh chords.
The dark arpeggios set the scene while the striking chords that accompany moments of horror (most implied rather than seen) added to the sensation.