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a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously

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The ARPEGGIO study is a multinational, multicentre, randomised, double-blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled, Phase II trial evaluating the efficacy, safety and tolerability of laquinimod at 0.
T Arpeggio are expected to sail on same day in the afternoon.
Bold and bright were themes that carried throughout Arpeggio.
At first move only to the next adjacent arpeggio tone.
An audio note player can be played to give an auditory comparison of the selected primary and secondary scale or arpeggio.
Made by Arpeggio Films, of Newcastle, it can be seen at www.
He veers from Eastern arpeggio to throbbing dance in a heartbeat but the second half of No Compass Will Find Home falls flat.
Stone, an author, educator, and artist, tells the story of a North Atlantic right whale, inspired by a female whale named Arpeggio chronicled in the New England Aquarium North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog and the people who worked to protect her threatened migration routes along the eastern US and her calving grounds off the coasts of Georgia and Florida.
DENSO has developed smartphone-connected technologies and services, such as the NaviBridge and the ARPEGGiO, which connect to information and content on smartphones and safely displays it in the vehicle to mitigate driver distraction - helping make driving safe, more convenient, and more comfortable.
As with the previous guide tone examples, the three arpeggio fingerings lie in the fifth position and should be should be compared to the chord voicings.
THE second round of the Kilford Hotel McCalmont Cup will be run at Kilkenny tonight, where the focus of most attention will be on Workshop Lad and Arpeggio.
From the piano's opening descending seven-octave arpeggio sequence, the large audience was captivated by the spontaneity of his playing with no hint of routine.
Opener Flood was a punchy rock tune, while All It Is Now featured a nice, picked arpeggio before speeding up rapidly.
In addition, UIE Japan designed the ARPEGGiO user experience to promote the safe use of smartphone applications when driving by optimizing it for the unique requirements of the smartphone and car navigation systems.
The most basic arpeggio is just scale steps 1 3 5: the triad that defines the tonality of the music.