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  • verb

Synonyms for aromatize

to fill with a pleasant odor


Synonyms for aromatize

fill or impregnate with an odor

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For the full aromatised wine based drink report contact Alex Tilling: alex@wotwine.
The Wine Products Council is responsible for the designation of spirits and aromatised wines and for the dispensation of funds to producers.
Halwa is mainly made up of starch, sugar, water, ghee, and aromatised with saffron, nuts and/or rose water.
The proposal excludes beers, wines and spirits but includes aromatised wines, fruit ciders, fruit beers and RTDs.
Its product range is rounded off by aromatised olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and "Condi Shake" dressings.
Both sides also promised to respect each other's official geographical designations for wine, spirits and aromatised wines, such as Albanian wine growing regions Mirdite, Mat, Tirane and others.
Based on white wine from "the best French vineyards," it has been aromatised (presumably a bit like vermouth), and chosen by a leading Japanese sommelier to partner his native cuisine.
The products immediately formed the characteristic red hue in acidic media (which they attributed to the corresponding aromatised cation [XV]).
And then there are the aromatised oils, produced by grinding the olives together with ingredients including lemons, rosemary twigs, garlic cloves and peppers.
Growth of herbal tea was underpinned by a shift in demand from aromatised products towards natural products, new product launches and the health and wellness positioning of herbal tea.