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used especially in treating bruises

any of various rhizomatous usually perennial plants of the genus Arnica

an ointment used in treating bruises

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Many health food stores sell a topical product consisting of arnica and herbal extracts called Traumeel.
We instructed her to give her son as high a dose of Arnica as she could find.
Vitamin K1 and arnica also naturally help resolve bruising.
Researchers at Romania's University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Targu Mures, carried this study out to determine what effect, if any, Arnica 7C could bring to bear on mice suffering from trauma, when compared to placebo.
This includes arnica oil for massage and five- six bottles of the usual round tablets.
She also suggests avoiding Traumeel and Arnica if you have any sensitivity to their ingredients, though the instances are rare.
The cookbook is funded by Arnica Publishing and Creative Services in Portland.
Arnica, also known as leopard's bane, has traditionally found use as an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of bruises, sprains, and rheumatism.
Arnica in popular medical books, almanacs and folklore before 1900
The "Muscle Repair Treatment" soothes the aches with arnica, fir, and rosemary extracts.
So long as there is no broken skin, you can also use arnica cream directly on to the area.
The products use salicylic acid and sulfur to fight the causes of acne, as well as organic arnica flower extract to soothe skin, and balm mint extract and zinc to help fight acne-causing bacteria.
Boiron offers Arnica Cream for pain relief and Calendula Cream for first aid (each $8.
Use Arnica on bruises as long as skin has not been grazed, it reduces pain and encourages tissue to reabsorb blood to speed up the healing process.
Comprehensive first aid kit: band-aids, gauze, arnica, bandana (can be used as large bandage, sling, etc.