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an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support

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Prodded on by a throng of trial lawyers - some of whom are promising "quick cash" - many of the property owners are now looking to sue the Army Corps, along with the city of Houston and Harris County.
The Army Corps was subject to RMP requirements because of its use of anhydrous ammonia, an extremely hazardous substance.
The US Army Corps of Engineers would like to provide an update on key elements regarding the construction of facilities at Novo Selo and the dismissal of Dolomit-M as the subcontractor that was hired by Bilfinger Berger Sede Secondaria Italiana (BBSI)," says the Corps' statement.
We're being squeezed by two things: the natural reduction of water levels and the lack of dredging," Weakley says, adding the Army Corps of Engineers has not been funded within the Great Lakes region to maintain the waterways both at the connecting channels and the harbours.
South Dakota and North Dakota have been mapped in a fight with Missouri over the river's level since the 1950s when the Army Corps of Engineers first began putting dams and locks on the river to control its flow.
Kimberley Taplin, a regional project manager for the Army Corps of Engineers in West Palm Beach, agrees and speaks glowingly of USIECR's effect on the Everglades planning process.
The Army Corps allowed the tribes to hold ceremonies over the bones, including burning wood near them, which may have damaged what was a relatively pristine archeological find.
In the 1950s, the Army Corps of Engineers took the best of this riverside reservation land to build five massive dams.
Army Corps of Engineers will submit to Congress a proposal for a 20-year, $8 billion massive replumbing of South Florida.
Parker Waichman Alonso LLP and its Co-Counsels are offering free consultations to individuals and entities who were victims of the negligent maintenance of MRGO, have not already retained an attorney, and who previously filed SF Form 95 claims with the Army Corps of Engineers on or before Aug.
James, Heitkamp discussed North Dakotas flood protection priorities, reinforced the critical need to maintain federal support for ongoing Army Corps projects in North Dakota, such as permanent flood protections in Minot and Fargo, and highlighted the need for the administration to include water projects in its infrastructure proposal.
But the Army Corps says despite the fears, the dams are not in danger of failing.
Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees planning along the river, is in the second year of a four-year look at flood control, erosion, water quality and natural habitats along the river's watershed.
Army Corps of Engineers will study the socio-economic impacts by examining the existing navigation system stretching from Duluth, Minnesota on Lake Superior to the Port of Montreal.
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