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someone who manufactures arms and munitions

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Employees in the troubled Bulgarian State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot, are returning to work Monday after a 12-day paid leave.
The Americans reportedly asked for information on arms manufacturer EADS, the Eurocopter helicopter company and the French government.
Bulgaria's prosecuting authority is currently conducting an embezzlement probe at the state-owned arms manufacturer on a tip-off of the trade unions.
The controversial Bofors gun deal was a major corruption scandal n India in the 1980s, in which former Prime Minister Rajiv andhi and several others were allegedly accused of receiving ickbacks from A B Bofors the Swedish arms manufacturer for it to in the bid to supply the Indian Army with 155 mm howitzer guns.
Arms manufacturer BAe Systems, which sells warplanes and other hardware to the Middle East kingdom, has been implicated in the scandal.
The recovery plan negotiations between workers, trade unions and management of Bulgaria's State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot, have finally started Thursday.
The management of Bulgaria's State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot, is to provide for the trade unions Wednesday an economic analysis.
ARMS manufacturer BAE Systems has just announced a stunning increase in profits for the first half of this year.
Under the collective bargaining agreement between the trade unions and the state-owned arms manufacturer, employees of VMZ Sopot can only be dismissed with the explicit consent of the representatives of the Podkrepa Labor Confederation and the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) at the company.
BRITISH arms manufacturer BAE Systems says its profits are being affected by rivals in Saudi Arabia.
In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), Karanikolov noted that the sole candidate to buy the state-owned arms manufacturer, EMKO EOOD, had submitted a binding offer by the deadline (3 p.
The 51-year-old has confessed he dealt with Zimbabwe's state arms manufacturer for nearly five years.
He emphasized that the initial expectations for greater interest in the privatization of the arms manufacturer had remained unfulfilled.
He pointed out that the lack of financial discipline had caused serious problems at the arms manufacturer and a number of other large state-owned companies like the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ).
4-billion dollar defence deal with Swedish arms manufacturer Bofors for the sale of 410 field howitzer guns and a supply contract almost twice that amount.