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a support for the arm

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This framework agreement is for the supply, installation and repair of manipulators, standby systems and armrests for 53 trams Eurotram Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Transport Company of Strasbourg.
Moveable armrest for door panels C the unique, movable door panel armrest provides up to twice as much storage as traditional door panels, while also improving comfort and ergonomics, creating additional personalization opportunities to appeal to a wide range of consumers
The padded armrests and sling-style seat feature Realtree AP camouflage.
There is now also more leg-room for each seat and a rotatable centre armrest.
Trick and her team sprayed the coated and uncoated armrests with a mixture of various bacteria, mosses, algae and fungi and then left them exposed to the weather for two years.
Smith insisted that he was still able to put both armrests down and buckle his seat belt, which is Southwest's standard.
The new Switch-Blade comes with a padded seat, armrests, and backrest.
They also altered the design specifications to make the bench taller and the armrests wider.
OSHA recommends a chair with a backrest that provides lower back support, a seat width and depth that accommodates a range of user shapes, a seat with rounded "waterfall" cushioning (no sharp edges) that doesn't press against the backs of your knees, and armrests that support the forearms without interfering with movement.
The chair's conveniently located examination spotlight, wide turning range of 300[degrees], collapsible armrests, and 80[degrees] position enable the specialist to maneuver comfortably.
With its synchro-tilt mechanism for generous recline, progressive side tension and integral fixed armrests, 'Rhapsody' provides the very best in comfort.
Other features of LB Furniture Industries' seating line include easy-grip armrests and a variety of upholstered seat styles that lend support and ease of effort.
Airlines will have the choice of providing two armrests per passenger.
MINNEAPOLIS - When the Angels hopped on a plane Sunday night, they finally got the chance to push the recline buttons on their armrests and relax.
They may lack the entertainment value of armrests that unfold like origami, often found in other luxury models, but that seems like a minor quibble.