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It has supplied 100,000 of its Osprey armour plates to the Ministry of Defence.
A few years ago, body armour plates could only absorb one shot before becoming structurally unsound.
Dubbed "Supercroc", the fearsome 40ft river monster was covered in armour plates and possessed vice-like jaws with protruding teeth.
In order to provide torso protection against small arms fire, ESAPI ceramic armour plates are inserted into the soldier s outer modular tactical vest.
Coventry company NP Aerospace manufactures the body armour plates used by UK troops in Afghanistan.
ULW focuses on five main areas such as helmet, vest/soft body armour, armour plates, load carrying equipment and an integrated power supply and is scheduled for rigorous user trials in the US.
A 5 Year Enabling Contract for the sustainment of approx 120,000 ECBA Body Armour Plates through refurbishment, including the replacement of any plates deemed beyond economical repair.
Mr Browne also praised the firm for providing Osprey body armour plates and MK 6A helmets to British Armed Forces, undoubtedly saving numerous lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.