armored dinosaur

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They soon realized that the rocks contained an armored dinosaur.
Finding the remains of an armored dinosaur that was washed far out to sea was huge surprise," Henderson says.
071) A paper describing the dinosaur and its characteristics, titled "An Exceptionally Preserved Three-Dimensional Armored Dinosaur Reveal Insights into Coloration and Cretaceous Predator-Prey Dynamics," was published online in the journal Current Biology.
From the group of armored dinosaurs come the thyreophorans: fossilized bones of an Ankylosaur and a cast of Stegosaurus.
Pangolins, which today live in Africa and southern Asia, could almost pass for tiny armored dinosaurs.
Now give them a movie with heavily armored dinosaurs that stomp into battle and blast away enemies with missiles and lasers.
These enormous animals lived in the vicinity of much smaller armored dinosaurs such as Talaurus plicatodpineus and with large horned dinosaurs (Protoceratops, Bagaceratops).
Ankylosaurs (ANG-kih-lo-SAWRZ) were armored dinosaurs that lived 90 million years ago.
Though most researchers have assumed that the nasal passages in armored dinosaurs would mimic the simple airways of the predators, Witmer and Ridgely found that these spaces actually were convoluted and complex.