armored combat vehicle

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Russian "flank zone" fixes, increasing the number of tanks, armored combat vehicles (ACV's) and artillery pieces allowed in the Caucasus, could be interpreted as significant thus allowing hardliners on both sides to insist on resubmitting the treaty to national legislatures for ratification.
The demand for land vehicles is also affected by opportunities for advanced multipurpose vehicles and armored combat vehicles required for military operations in the Middle East.
8 million to purchase materials to support production of double-V-shaped hulls for Stryker armored combat vehicles.
One of the most lethal against armored combat vehicles is the victim-operated pressure-plate--also referred to as "underbelly" IED.
BAE Systems Land & Armaments provides design, development, production, through-life support and upgrade of armored combat vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles, naval guns, missile launchers, artillery systems and munitions, as well as military and law enforcement products.
With GNOMAD, Exelis delivers a combat-proven, modular communications system that fully integrates into a variety of armored combat vehicles, commercial SUVs, and military platforms of all descriptions.
a wholly owned subsidiary of DFSH, has primarily been a supplier of armored combat vehicles to international customers friendly to United States' interests.
In the amount of 14 000 units in the years 2014-2017, designed doniszczenia: located in the hidden enemy manpower, fortifications type of light, light and medium armored combat vehicles, fixed anti opponent (they are used as one of the types of ammunition Leopard2 tanks, equipped with cannon Rh 120 L44).
The group is a leading supplier of tracked and wheeled armored combat vehicles, armament systems and munitions to customers in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the South Pacific.
At the same time, advocates of transformation denounced him for insisting on retaining a significant number of heavy armored combat vehicles.
BAE Systems Hagglunds and Polish national defense company, Polish Defence Holding (formerly the Bumar Group), have joined forces to offer new tracked armored combat vehicles for a top-priority Polish military program under an exclusive teaming agreement.
General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics , has completed negotiations with the Government of Portugal on a $482 million (euro 365 million) contract to produce 260 Pandur II eight-wheeled, all-wheel- drive (8x8) armored combat vehicles.
The 105 mm weapon also could be placed atop a variation of the Stryker eight-wheeled, armored combat vehicles that GDLS is building for the Army, company officials asserted.
General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics , has been selected by the Government of Portugal to enter negotiations for a contract for the production of 260 Pandur II eight-wheeled, all-wheel-drive (8x8) armored combat vehicles.
Defense Solutions' principal offerings are rebuilt and upgraded armored combat vehicles, spare parts, ammunition, and other equipment.