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Synonyms for armor-plated

covered with heavy steel

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Yes, it's inspiring to see guys who have lost some degree of function in all four limbs get out there and compete like other athletes, albeit in armor-plated wheelchairs.
Netfinity servers are armor-plated with advanced technologies such as Light Path Diagnostics and "Chipkill" memory adopted from IBM's big iron heritage.
The car is right out of a James Bond movie, outfitted with armor-plated doors, an oil-spraying device under the rear bumper and fog-emitting units on all four corners.
Voletta Wallace ends up becoming the film's charismatic star; you want to be invited to her suburban town home for dinner, even though you'd be worried that the windows weren't barred or the front door armor-plated.
A bunch of hulking, armor-plated aliens with tiny bobbing heads land at an archeological dig, where they seal up some ancient weapon system that's powered, somehow, by the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water.
The 107-year-old tower on inaccessible Destruction Island off the coast near Kalaloch is the only armor-plated lighthouse on the West Coast, according to Hullette.