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resembling an arm

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It can be distinguished from the saguaro by its armlike branches that grow straight upwards, giving it a more massive appearance.
There they are,'' said my wife opening the palm of her hand and stretching out her armlike a singer introducing the band.
Lake Pyramid, located on the west side of I-5, south of Gorman, has 21 miles of shoreline spread out over numerous long, armlike waterways and offers fishing, boating, camping and skiing.
There, the device hangs from a plant, on top of which a floral "head" is haloed by armlike snakes.
The sun lights up a multitude of saguaros and other Sonoran Desert plants that dot this twenty-three-hundred-foot hillside Here grow large saguaros, many with multiple armlike branches that curve out and up, candelabra-style, toward the clear blue sky.