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a band worn around the arm for decoration


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As Busuli talked he fingered a heavy gold armlet that encircled the glossy hide of his left arm.
Their spears were tipped with it, as were their arrows, and they cooked in vessels made all of solid metal like my armlet.
Stretching my hand toward him, I advanced and took the armlet from his open palm, clasping it about my arm above the elbow; smiled at him and stood waiting.
He bowed the stranger to a seat, and hastened to an inner room with the armlet in his hand.
There was a single armlet between her right shoulder and elbow, and a series of them covered her left forearm from elbow to wrist.
Nor did they recognize it for what it was--a piece torn from a green land armlet.
He owned racehorses for more than 30 years, but his colours of light blue with black sash and armlets were synonymous with West tip.
He was a president of the Football League and vice-president of the FA, and on the weekend of his death all league and cup matches observed a period of silence and every player wore "black armlets.
A special mention ought to be made for the spiral rings and armlets that added to the strength of the theme.
A recent book reviewed in these columns on the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs drew attention to the royal regalia, the golden chariots, gold sun discs and collars, the precious armlets and inlaid headdresses, all of which showed to the illiterate masses that this was the pharaoh, to whom all else on earth must bend the knee.
The collection also includes the Wallington hoard of 15 Bronze Age axes, four spear heads, three swords and three armlets.
The contract is for the supply and installation, start-up and trained in the use of places of supply to recipients (Employer organizational units) listed the following product range: 1) Liczarek the notes in armlets, 2) Liczarek to banknotes in bulk, 3) with up to Coin sorters
Damas has also designed bangles from the popular Anmol, Legacy, Gehna and Mira collections, as well belts and armlets set in 22k gold from the Legacy collection.
Rao and other models were seen wearing intricately carved necklaces, armlets, and chains of uncut diamonds on corded strands, some startling cummerbunds and chunky gold bracelets.
Hysterics howled: hawk Tut and the contents of the coffins within the sarcophagus - the golden mask of the Pharaoh, the diadem embellished with cobra and vulture, the 16-row cloisonne pectoral, armlets, rings and much more.