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a celestial globe consisting of metal hoops


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This globe is 41/2 inches, or 127mm in diameter and made of copperplate, manufactured probably in France, to form the central feature of an astronomical or armillary sphere clock like the Jagiellonian Clock.
820), an armillary sphere with divisions for each ten arc minutes and a circle "whose nature is unclear43 had been used (see below), while in the second observational program, a mural quadrant (lubna) and a gnomon (shakhis) were used.
The imposing Armillary, located on a roundabout at the Banbury Road junction with Trinity Road in Stratford-on-Avon, was installed in April 2007 despite opposition from local residents.
Inspired by ancient astronomy armillary spheres, the Equinox collection has three interlocking rings that pivot.
Among the sculptures are an armillary sphere, used to pinpoint the position of heavenly bodies, and a sextant, used to measure distances between stars and a celestial globe.
Tosi selected the images of his study according to the objects that accompany the sitters: astrolabes, regular bodies, solar clocks, armillary spheres, globes, astronomical instruments, and mathematical texts.
At their feet are polyhedra, an armillary sphere, triangles, and other tools of a modern military engineer.
Globes at Greenwich: A catalogue of the globes and armillary spheres in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
Armillary spheres of the late Middle Ages and the early eighteenth-century proto-orreries of George Graham (essay VII) served similar purposes in different social contexts.
This coming June, in further celebration of the magic of light, diffraction gratings will be installed to radiate rainbows of color throughout the glass cube, while an updated armillary sphere of concentric circles will be unveiled at the Columbus Avenue entrance and depict New York City's location on January 1, 2000.
After seeing a demo of EVE the implications were clear to me," said Chip James, founder of Armillary Holdings.
Atlas Armillary, which illustrates geographical, astronomical, and cosmographical concepts of the Renaissance, could be a choice for students and history lovers.
Sometimes only a real showstopper of a gift will do - and the Armillary Large Tripod Base certainly has the wow factor.