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a hole through which you put your arm and where a sleeve can be attached

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The aforementioned Neapolitan tailors who construct unique suits characterized by high armholes and light fabrics (and most importantly, are skilled at hiding their clients' physical defects) provide a ready example: even the most renowned master tailors tend to have three to eight employees.
And his fashion advice for rugby jersey wearers is: "When it comes to choosing one, opt for high armholes, cut slim in the sides and colours that either work tonally or complement each other.
The baby cat is wearing a brown and crA[umlaut]me colored crocheted mushroom costume complete with armholes for the kitten's paws.
The holster pockets are tagged into both the shoulders and armholes of the vest, so you get the comfortable suspension of a shoulder holster without any flopping around.
All those sleeves had to be eased into all those armholes by some poor soul.
Rojo updated the '30s sensibility with modern twists, including moving the armholes higher and softening the shoulders.
The armholes of her coats and jackets are cut generously to facilitate the famous windshield-wiper wave.
It's extremely comfy via slim tailoring and elastic armholes.
I had to confess to all assembled that there were no armholes in the back.
The garment's defining quality was its side openings, which also served as armholes.
Strange cutouts in the sculpture's edges suggest the curving armholes of paper sewing patterns.
Cut horizontally across the T-shirt, just below the armholes, to create a rectangular tube.
The Warmbag ($249) from Staywoods provides another option for defeating the cold, and you will appreciate the zippered armholes that allow you to make a quick shot without unzipping the entire bag.
8am: I speak to my head cutter regarding a problem with a client's coat - he wants it very tight fitting under the armholes.