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The combined navies of Dusar, Ptarth and Kaol had been intercepted in their advance toward Helium by the mighty Heliumitic navy--the most formidable upon Barsoom, not alone in numbers and armament, but in the training and courage of its officers and warriors, and the zitidaric proportions of many of its monster battleships.
The dangers, however, were greatly reduced through the medium of my armament.
He did not think of her as Lady Jane Greystoke, but rather as the she he had won by the might of his steel thews, and that he must hold and protect by virtue of the same offensive armament.
A heavy war spear which he sometimes carried in one hand and again slung by a thong about his neck so that it hung down his back completed his armament and his apparel.
Jimmy Hollis went over his armament and ammunition to see that nothing had been omitted.
I tell you they've got armament there which will make our friends tear their hair' shells that burst in the air, mind, too, which you needn't mind letting
Keeping the trees between them and me, I ran back a short distance until I found a clump of underbrush that would effectually conceal me, for I wished to discover the strength of the party and its armament before attempting to parley with it.
The latter, made cautious because of his lesser bulk and the inferiority of his natural armament, followed similar tactics.
His own method of fighting seemed best fitted to his build and to his armament.
Such was the successless armament of Xerxes described by Herodotus, or the successful expedition of Alexander related by Arrian.
It was as much injured by its charges in fitting out an armament against the Spaniards, during the time of the Armada, as by the fines and confiscations levied on it by Elizabeth for harbouring of priests, obstinate recusancy, and popish misdoings.
In 1987, he was appointed technical advisor for strategic, industrial and armaments matters in the private office of defence minister Andre Giraud.
TyFLyS (CyHAN)- Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania said that negotiations are conducted on the country`s security and defense armaments with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization members.
The mission of the Armaments Division is to provide a forum for industry, government and the military services to address issues which ensure a superior armament system capability.
Arming the Chinese; the western armaments trade in warlord China, 1920-1928, 2d ed.
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