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the collection of equipment and methods used in the practice of medicine

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The limitations of this study were that we did not take into consideration the original tooth dimensions before tooth preparation or the dimensions of the prepared tooth, operator experience, laboratory technique and armamentarium, and laboratory technician's skill.
This edition reflects new advances in implant prosthetics, new cases, new techniques and technology, and updated system components and armamentarium.
And borrowing from the cognitive-behavioral armamentarium, mindfulness, and other therapeutic approaches, O'Connor offers concrete exercises aimed at replacing the old, self-damaging pathways with healthier new ones.
This is only an observational study so we can't draw conclusions, but in a kidney disease patient who has heart failure, I think beta-blockers are an important medication in their armamentarium," she said.
Talking to the audience which consisted of paramedics, neurologists, epileptomologists, psychiatrists and the general public, he stated that though generic drugs form the mainstay of the armamentarium of treatment of epilepsy in Afro-Asian countries, it is very important to ensure that they are of good quality.
Summary: With the increasing awareness of the importance of breast screening for early detection of cancer, breast imaging has found a place in today's diagnostic armamentarium.
The topics include advances in the diagnosis of respiratory tract infections, best practice example of pharmaceutical industry's engagement in the fight against malaria, the first oxazolidinone antibacterial agent, the discovery and development of rivaroxaban, and the first HIV-1 integrase strand transfer inhibitor in the HIV armamentarium.
We have a whole armamentarium of behavioural treatments and their efficacy has been proven.
The decision adds an alternative option to the armamentarium of highly active antiretroviral therapies intended to suppress the viral load in the blood.
that is, the serious poet has admitted the whole armamentarium of the industrial age to his poems.
Once its rationale, range of clinical usefulness, techniques of application, and limitations are understood, hypnosis can become a valuable addition to the armamentarium of the child and adolescent psychiatrist.
As nephrologists, all that we ask is to have access to all therapy options in our armamentarium and then let us use our training and expertise to prescribe the best solution for each individual patient appropriate clinical situations.
Therapeutic mammoplasty has become an important surgical procedure in the armamentarium of procedures to extend the role of breast-conserving surgery.
Given that echocardiography has become such an integral part of the anaesthetic armamentarium, I feel that either significantly more involved discussion with diagrams is required, or a basic introduction with direction to ancillary texts.
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